UTCH Davis-Weber CoOp (UDWC) UTCH Davis-Weber CoOp (UDWC)

Registration Agreement & Code of Conduct

By registering my student(s) for UDWC (the UTCH Davis/Weber Co-op) I agree to and understand the following:

Completion and submission of this registration form implies consent to and agreement with all UDWC waivers, liability releases, expectations, agreements, and codes, as shared at the UDWC Park/Visitor Day Information Meeting.  

  • UDWC will issue no refunds for co-op registration, class fees or background check fees.

  • Our family has read and will comply with the UDWC Agreement Document.   

  • I commit to participation in the UDWC co-op for the full year (fall and winter terms) unless an unexpected situation arises.   Understanding that withdrawing from the co-op early creates an undue burden on other co-op participants; I commit to following the Substitution Procedure Policy in case of an unplanned absence. 

  • Our family will make co-op attendance a priority and schedule family vacations, activities,and appointments on days other than the co-op class day. 

  • I understand that the mandatory orientation meeting (the Thursday before the first week of co-op in the fall term) is a requirement for participation in the co-op.  I will be present at orientation and will supervise my children if I choose to bring them.

  • I understand that all UDWC course offerings are dependent upon minimum and maximum enrollment. In the event a class is full or canceled, my child(ren) will be registered for their second-choice classes. I will verify my child(ren)’s final schedule on the website. 

  • I understand that registering students for courses above or below grade level requires course coordinator approval prior to registration.

  • I understand that UDWC requires that all children on campus be registered for a class/study hall/nursery each hour.  

  • Parents may have their children with them in an unoccupied co-op room (when one is available) if the parent is not scheduled as a helper and  chooses to pull the child(ren) out of study hall or nursery at any time. This ensures we have accurate records for all co-op participants and that the co-op lobby is available for lesson planning and parent study time.  

  • Nursery and study hall are not available after 12:15pm each class day. 

  • The following is required in order to allow the co-op to operate smoothly: 

    • Each parent/guardian on campus has a required number of serving units they must sign up for. The infrastructure (2 adults per room, nursery coverage, cleaning building) makes it impossible to evenly divide responsibilities based on how many hours you attend or how many participating children you have.

    • Know that when you register, your Helper, Nursery and Cleaning Units are going to be the same whether you register for 1, 2, or 3 of the morning hours. Therefore, we do NOT recommend you register for fewer than 3 morning hours, though you are welcome to arrange childcare outside the co-op, so you can fulfill any serving units you cannot complete during the hour(s) your students are enrolled in classes.  Your units will also be the same regardless of the number of children you have participating in the co-op.   

    • I understand that all students on campus should attend their registered class/study hall/nursery when their parent is committed as a teacher/helper in a different class. I will avoid bringing a child into a class who is not registered for that class. This allows parents to devote their full attention to teaching and/or helping responsibilities. The leadership team will consider exceptions to this policy for infants. To request an exception, please contact a member of the leadership team.

  • I understand that if I have not attended the required Park Day or Visitor Day Informational Meeting, and I register for courses, my registration is subject to cancellation. 

Code of Conduct 

Respect  We will demonstrate respect for our campus - MVBC, (Mountain View Baptist Church), staff and volunteers, and all UDWC participants through our attitudes, communication, and actions.

Encourage  We will speak to one another in ways that encourage and build each other up. We will listen and not talk when others are speaking. We will not take part in gossip and slander.

Preparation  We will arrive on time for class with all supplies, all lessons and materials, (prepared in advance), and  all assignments completed. All personal belongings (including educational materials) will be clearly labeled with the owner’s name. Items left behind at the end of the UDWC class day will be placed in the MVBC general lost and found basket located in the entrance foyer by the information easels.

Facility Use  We will only use designated UDWC entrances, exits, and hallways except in cases of emergency. We will only go outside during co-op hours when permission is given and adult supervision is provided. We will take care of the building, furniture, and school materials we are using to maintain them for use by all. We will clean our classrooms/tables as needed before leaving classes or lunch. We will place tables and chairs back into position each class period unless otherwise advised by UDWC leadership or MVBC staff. 

Food and Beverages  The kitchen will not be used as an eating space nor will the equipment be used for heating lunches. We will only bring water for drinks in classrooms.

Self Control  We will show self-control by walking and speaking quietly during co-op hours.  

Male/Female Interaction  Non-sibling boys and girls will refrain from pairing off as couples during the UDWC class day unless directed to do so during supervised classroom activities.

Safety  We will not bring lighters, matches, knives, or weapons of any kind onto campus. Instructors utilizing these items for classroom purposes will notify the church campus liaison and exercise due caution.

Electronics  We will only use electronic media (such as cell phones/iPods/tablets/computers) when permitted by a teacher/helper or parent/guardian. Cell phone ring tones will be in the off mode for all participants during class hours. 

Email questions to [email protected].